Natureflex Bags

Natureflex Bags

Hello and a big welcome to all of our new Zero Waste Bulk Foods subscribers!

Clear Natureflex Bags


These bags look very similar to clear plastic packaging, but of course they aren’t. The bags are made from cellulose derived from wood pulp and are certified home compostable.

They will disappear in a hot bin in approx 1 week, in a home compost within 12 weeks and buried in clay soil within 3-6 months (I personally tested this and at the 6 month mark there was no trace at all of the bags).

For anyone interested in reading more – please head to the Natureflex website. If you would prefer to have your order packed in paper bags only, please just leave a message in the comments section or send an email with your order number.

New arrivals

Organic, Wild Harvested Baobab Fruit Powder - this comes from the fruit of the baobab tree which can grow up to 20 meters tall, 15 meters wide and can live for up to 3,000 years! Amazingly, it can store thousands of litres of water and when tapped during the dry months, it can offer clean usable water to the community. No wonder these trees are known as the tree of life! Sprinkle 1 tbsp into a drink or over your cereal.

Organic Spinach Leaf Powder - just dried and ground spinach leaves! This is an easy way to add some extra greens into your life. Just add into smoothies, into baking (yes, even breads, cookies etc), and into main dishes - soups, pasta dishes - anything goes!

Back in stock

We are still seeing some minor delays of some items due to covid and Brexit, but on the whole things are back on track.

Organic Rooibos, Organic Green Dooars Tea, Organic Lemongrass and Ginger tea are now all back in stock. The lemongrass and ginger tea is perfect for these cold spring days!!

Our organic British grown split yellow peas are also back in stock, having just been harvested and cleaned by our producers. These will taste lovely in a dahl or stew – adding a delicious creamy consistency as lentils do.

We also have lots of tea caddies and airtight glass storage jars to keep your products in and zero-wastify your kitchen and cupboards!

Let's hope for some sun soon!


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