What a Journey - Thank You!

What a Journey - Thank You!

We are just about to hit our first year of business so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, meeting lots of very talented and incredible people along the way with a shared passion for trying to make the planet a better place.

As the saying goes, if we can all make some small changes, together they will make a big difference. After a quick tot up, I think together, we have saved over 20,000 plastic bags so far from heading to landfill or the oceans – that’s huge! What a difference!

Send In Fabric Bags For Refill

The next step that I’d like to offer is to refill your own fabric bags. For customers living in the Horsham, Sussex area, we can collect these from you at no charge. There is also a drop off point at our hub in Newdigate for anyone able to drop off at any time (there is a video on our Facebook and Instagram pages showing where this is located).

If you live further afield, please send in your fabric bags for refill – if you have enough bags to cover your order, we’ll refund £1.50 from your order towards the postage cost. We plan to stock a range of reusable fabric bags for purchase so stay tuned!

Lots of New Stock

Clip top storage jars in lots of sizes from 200ml – 1500ml which will keep your bulk foods airtight as well as make your cupboard look neat and stylish! I love them and have got a little obsessed in my kitchen!

Airtight glass storage containers – I strongly believe in removing all food and drink contact with plastic wherever possible - there are hundreds of published scientific articles linking plastics to numerous health conditions. The lids on these are plastic to keep them airtight, but the lids are not in contact with the food that you would place in them.

Beeswax and Vegan Food and Sandwich Wraps are an excellent sustainable alternative to cling film or foil and are also completely biodegradable. The organic cotton sheets are beautifully handcrafted and turned into food wraps using 100% natural ingredients.

The Beeswax Wraps are made sustainably harvested pesticide-free beeswax tree resin and organic jojoba oil. The Vegan Wraps are made from sustainably harvested pesticide-free soy wax, organic candelilla wax and organic tree resin.

Klean Kanteen insulated and non-insulated stainless-steel bottles. I absolutely love this climate neutral company! Both my kids have had their bottles for 2 years now and they are still going strong despite numerous drops at school and sports practices. The sports caps are spill proof and the loop caps that can be purchased separately guarantee to make the bottles leakproof. I have just bought the TK Wide insulated bottle to take to work with a nice warm drink in. It will keep liquids hot for 14 hours (and cold for 47 hours)!

So, as the temperature outside starts to drop, consider a long lasting, great looking, vacuum insulated bottle so that you can have hot / warm drinks on the go to warm you up!

Thanks again for supporting my small business - it is so very appreciated.


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