Home Compostable Packaging

Home Compostable Packaging

The past couple of months have been so busy getting lots of orders out across Horsham and our neighbouring villages (thanks to everyone who has shopped with us!) that I had completely forgotten about my little experiment to see whether the 100% plant based, certified home compostable bags would break down in clay soil.

Home Compostable Bag Test

The results are in and the good news is, they have completely decomposed. 

Back in November last year I buried a clump of about 10-15 of these plastic-free bags, to see what would happen when they were buried in the ground. I didn’t rip them up, I just buried them in scrunched up in a ball. Where I live, the ground is clay based so I really wasn’t sure what would happen.

Today it is 6 months since I buried them and there is no sign of the bags at all. I’m not sure at what point they had completely decomposed, as the last photo I took was 3 months ago and they were falling apart then.

This has made me so happy – looking back at all of the images of the mounds of plastic bags floating in the ocean and in landfill, some that are decades old, these bags are such a brilliant invention.

Hot Bin Composting

I’ve been told by a customer that the bags disappear in a hot bin in less than a week and they are certified to disappear in a compost bin in 10-12 weeks. Before composting or burying, please cut off the food labels as these are not compostable.

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