How to make kombucha and sauerkraut at home

Making Fermented Foods really is so simple, and fun for the whole family!

The biggest hurdle is most probably to get your head around letting foods ferment.

We are so used to putting perishables in the fridge or freezer that letting foods ferment on the counter for days and weeks on end can at first seem a little unsettling.

However, fermenting foods has been practised for hundreds, maybe thousands of years way before refrigeration was available.

The two ferments that I make with my family are sauerkraut and kombucha. Both my kids love these and despite my youngest being a little (very) fussy with many vegetables, she will always ask for a big spoonful of sauerkraut with her meals!

So, if you are looking to move away from expensive store bought kombucha and sauerkraut and make your own, I have put together these step-by-step guides.

The equipment that you need to make fermented foods are usually items that you already have in your kitchen.

However, if you would prefer to buy pieces of kit or a complete starter kit, they are available on this website.


Visually, the SCBOY looks like something you wouldn’t normally go near! But it is a magical, living thing that will provide you with endless kombucha if you look after it.

Make Komboucha


In its simplest form, Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage that has been submerged in liquid to deprive it of air and oxygen.

Make Sauerkraut