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Oats, Pinhead - Organic

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These pinhead oats (also known as steel-cut oat or coarse oatmeal) are whole oats which have been chopped into two or three pinhead-sized pieces. 

This is actually one step before they are often further processed into rolled (porridge) oats. Due to a lack of processing, they have a chewier, coarser texture and nuttier flavour than other oats. 

They also take longer to digest and release energy so they're a terrific start to the day!

Cooking with Pinhead Oats

These pinhead oats are traditionally used to make porridge. However, as they are less processed they typically take 15–30 minutes to cook. This can be reduced by pre-soaking. 

Thanks to their signature nutty flavour and chewy texture (more so than oats further down the process line) they also make great additions to baking, stews, smoothies and salads.

Ingredients & Allergens

Ingredients: 100% organic oats

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Due to the way our food is stored and packaged, this product may contain traces of other allergens due to cross-contamination.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and strong odours.

Nutritional Profile


Typical values per 100g



1557 kJ/
370 kcal

Fat, Total

– of which saturates

8.4 g

1.3 g


– of which sugars

56.1 g

1.0 g


10.8 g


12.1 g


0.0 g


Certified organic

GMO free

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