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Replaceable Head Toothbrush - Vegan

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Step aside bamboo, this zero-waste toothbrush is manufactured in Europe and comes in two parts; a handle you keep forever and a recyclable head.

The design of the bristles means they are fully recyclable via Terracycle so nothing ends up in landfill. 

The handle is made with 70% plant-based materials in France and it is guaranteed for life. I've been using my yellow one for almost three years and it's still as good as new! 

Using A Replaceable Head Toothbrush

As with a conventional toothbrush, it is recommended that the head be changed after three months when the bristles start to fray. 

Doing this couldn't be easier. You simply pop the head out of the handle and snap in a new one.

You can find three packs of Lamazuna heads here.

Recycling The Head 

We are in the midst of setting up returnable bags for all our food. When this goes live, simply pop the head in with your bags, attach the prepaid returns label and we'll pop it in our Terracycle Oral Care Waste Box for recycling. 


Handle: 70% castor derivatives & 30% plastic. <br><br>
Head: Nylon 6 bristles and ABS base


Recyclable cardboard Box

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Handle France, Bristle Italy.