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Ecological Ear Cleaner - Vegan

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This clever, zero-waste ear cleaner removes wax without the need for disposable cotton buds!

The Lamazuna Oriculi is made from a durable and sustainably sourced bioplastic derived from castor oil.

Manufactured in France, the Oriculi is not only a great way to reduce your waste but you'll also save a fortune, as the Oriculi is guaranteed for life! 

How to Use

The spherical (ball) is actually a finger rest, which makes the Oriculi really easy to use.

Using one hand, put your index finger on the ball and use the little "spoon" to remove visible earwax at the entrance of your ear canal. 

The finger rest not only makes the Oriculi easy to use, it also stops you from going too deep!

Once you've finished, simply rinse the Oriculi with clean (or warm soapy) water and dry with a towel.

You can use the Oriculi to clean your children's ears, but it MUST be done by an adult. Use the spherical finger rest to hold it firmly and stop it from going any further into the ear. That way, if the child moves suddenly, there's no risk of it touching their eardrum.


100% renewably sourced bioplastic derived from castor oil


Recyclable cardboard Box

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