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Vegan Wax Sandwich & Snack Bags x 2

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An excellent sustainable alternative to cling film or foil. These handcrafted vegan sandwich and snack bags are perfect for packed lunches and food on the go.

The bags are made from 100% natural ingredients. Sustainably harvested pesticide-free soy wax, organic candelilla wax and organic tree resin are melted onto sheets of organic cotton.

Once the melted wax and resin has dried, these wraps are ready to be used. The process is so simple and the result is a very useful plastic free swap.

One bag measures 17cm x 17cm, the other 17cm x 21cm.

How to use these bags

Just warm the sheet in your hand to soften and mould into the shape you need. Just pressing the edges together will create an air-tight seal.