Why Use Glass To Store Food?

Why Use Glass To Store Food?

Nicky Newton

Glass is an inert and non-porous natural material and so there is no chance that it will leach unwanted, poisonous chemicals and endocrine disruptors into my food.

Secondly, using glass is an environmentally friendly option as it last for years and is infinitely recyclable.

You’ll also save money in the long run as you won’t need to replace your jars (just don't drop them!).

Why Not Plastic Food Storage Containers

Have you ever eaten something that has been stored in a plastic container and noticed it smells of plastic and tastes different to when it was cooked?

Plastic absorbs the smell and flavour of food. I grew up in a house full of Tupperware and I can remember those tastes and smells!

Best Glass Food Storage Containers

Freezer and oven proof glass is my go to option out of the pantry too for the same reasons. Note, never take a glass container from the freezer and place into the oven or it will crack. (I may have found this out in my teens!).

I use old glass jars to store food in my cupboards and special glass dishes that are oven and freezer proof to freeze and cook with. 

If you're looking to invest in your set up, check out our great range of glass containers.  

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