Whilst always sourcing as close to home as possible, we work with farmers and growers around the world in search of the best, natural and organic food.

Our suppliers are individuals and organisations who share our ethics and values, conscious sustainability for both people and planet. We believe this delivers better food for everyone.

We take responsibility for our packaging very serious. We supply our food in reusable bags that are simple to return.

Meet Mitch

After reading law at university it was clear I wasn’t cut out to be a lawyer. I spent the next 10 years in sales and marketing roles for organisations big and small.

In 2019 I caught COVID-19 and suffered for two years thereafter. Healthy eating was my cure, however, I was left furious by how obscenely overpackaged everything was.

Dedicating myself to bringing nutritious ingredients in reusable packaging to a wider audience felt like a natural career change following my recovery...

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