We believe in taking responsibility for the packaging we use to send groceries. So our food is sent in packaging that you return using pre-paid post. 

Whilst the system has been used to send thousands of orders, we still consider it a work in progress!

95% of our packaging was saved from landfill when we acquired Inn Zero Waste. Despite it being brand new, because it has their logo on, no one wanted it!

We are in the mist of developing our next generation of packaging so if you have any comments, thoughts or feedback please get in touch. 

Our Reusable Grocery Bags

Our groceries are sent in fabric bags, that a local dry cleaner machine washes to a food safe standard for reuse.

We scoured the earth for an effective, unfragranced washing detergent that  contains no nasties and then worked out the optimal amount required in each wash.

Our packs are then transported via cargo bike to minimise our carbon footprint.

For powders (like flour and spice) we use compostable Kraft paper bags otherwise too much powder is lost through the fabric. This is an area of focus for our next generation of reusable grocery bags

Reusable Pouches For Liquid

Our household liquids are sent in plastic pouches that we store on your behalf for your next order. We are also in the process of developing a system to wash these.

Sending Your Order

We use paper sacs or cardboard boxes - depending on what's inside - to send your order, secured with recyclable Kraft paper tape.

The paper sacs are great for returning our fabric bags in - just fold them up and stick them in the post box!

Where possible, we reuse boxes and sacs. Please rest assured we are conscious about hygiene and allergens when we do so.

Would You Prefer To Receive Your Items in Paper? 

You're not alone! Please just pop this in the comments section at checkout. Oily foods such as dried fruits, nuts, tea etc will seep some oil into the bags but if you don't mind, then we are more than happy to pack in paper.

Using Your Own Containers

You are welcome to come and collect your order using your own containers. I'll happily pack them for you (and whilst I'm pretty quick at doing so, I could put the kettle on for you as you wait!).

Just leave a comment at checkout, along with your phone number, and I'll be in touch to arrange a convenient time. 

You're also welcome to have a nosy around the warehouse. It's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory for foodies!