Inn Zero Waste

Inn Zero Waste

Mitchell Platt

Towards the end of 2021 my first zero-waste rodeo, WeFill, was beginning to flourish.

Whilst researching my next steps, I found two providers I aspired to up for sale! 

The first was Zero Waste Bulk Foods. The other was If Not Now (Inn). 

Both were strong but in different ways. ZWBF has an amazing range of food and a strong customer following. Whilst Inn had a slick reusable packaging system.

Today, I am excited to share that ZWBF & Inn are now one.

Eco Friendly Packaging For Food

From today, we will deliver our groceries in returnable jute bags and we’re true to our zero waste name. Hurrah!

We send your order as normal. When you’re finished with the bags, pop them in a postbox using a pre-paid returns label.

Please don’t clean them! A local dry cleaner will wash them to food safe standards ready for the next customer.

Our Reusable Grocery Bags

Inn had ten thousand jute bags but because they had their logo on, no one wanted to take them. So we’ve effectively saved them from landfill. 

We investigated rebranding them. However, it required so much plastic (vinyl) or paint (screen printing) that it wasn’t right.

The bags are not airtight so you’ll need containers for items like nuts and dried fruit.

We sell glass separately but the most eco containers are the ones in your cupboard already!

Inn Zero Waste

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Luke and Will for their hard work getting this over the line. Doing so has meant no waste from the closure of Inn, which feels like an appropriate ending.

Thanks for reading. 

Will & Luke from Inn Zero Waste
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