How Many Bags Get Returned?

How Many Bags Get Returned?

Packaging Return Rate

Our return number takes a few months to report because of the time it takes to get our bags back. Please try and return as fast as you can. 

91.4% is actually a touch down on the 94.3% we achieved in 2022 however, the absolute numbers are significantly higher. 

Seven times to be precise. In total, last year we packed 14,860 bags and received back 13,661.

The Importance Of High Return Rates

The environmental benefits of reusable packaging depend on reuse in practice, so a high return rate is imperative. 

This is because of the need to account for the additional environmental impacts of producing a more durable, reusable container as well as the carbon required to return and clean.

How returns rates plays out in practice looks like this: 

Return Rate

Average Uses

60% 2.5
70% 3.3
80% 5
85% 6.67
90% 10
95% 20
97.5% 40


The table above was borrowed from the excellent Guidance for Reusable Packaging by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. 

In the guide, they outline that high return rates - considered 80% and above - are essential for achieving environmental gains vs single use.

I'm delighted that throughout 2023 we achieved 91.4% but that won't stop us experimenting in a bid to do better in 2024! 

Thank you for your help in proving that reuse can be part of the solution to our waste crisis.


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