A Return To The Old Way

Reusable bags might sound like a novel idea but it’s actually how it used to be done!

Very simply, we send food in reusable bags. Once you've decanted your food from them, simply return them to us via pre-paid post.

We then take them to a local dry cleaner who washes them to a food safe standard, ready for the next customer.

Find Your Favourites

We pride ourselves on our range of delicious, ethical food and plastic-free home essentials.

We source close to home, champion new suppliers and work in a closed-loop system with suppliers where possible.

We are Organic Certified and have a Five Star Food Hygiene rating.

Delivered To You

We deliver nationwide via Royal Mail, across London via Packfleet and locally on push bikes. You’re also welcome to collect if you're local.

We use a combination of jute and cotton bags to send orders but the outer box is still cardboard (we're working on it!).

Most of our packaging has someone else's logo on(!) as we bought their zero waste store. Read all about it here.

Return For Reuse

Close the loop using the pre-paid postage label in your order.

You're welcome to send them back in the outer packing you received but if that's unwieldily, you can use any packaging you have to hand.

Please don't wash the bags yourself, it's a waste of water! We clean all bags to a food safe standard.

All Make Sense?