Sustainable Directories

Sustainable Directories

In my ongoing quest to find sustainable alternatives for this website, I have stumbled across a couple of really helpful resources which I'd like to share.

Alternative Jungle
Sustainable Jungle share sustainable ideas, tips, tricks, products, brands and stories.

They specialise in telling the stores about the people and organisations behind meaningful work.

Whilst they a light hearted editorial approach - which is great for those suffering eco-anxiety - I have found all their articles and directories to be thoroughly researched and informative.

england, naturally
england, naturally is dedicated to positive change, but in a broader sense.

They celebrate all that is wonderful about our beautiful country from seaside piers, and foraging for blackberries to indie shops and slow rattling trains.

Specifically, they have lots of good info about how to save the planet, help animals, reduce rubbish, slash food and energy bills, plant community gardens, and join grassroots campaigns.

They've got lots of beautiful images on there too.

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