Who's Got The Bag?

To have reached this page, you have scanned the QR code on some very exclusive merch, the Inn Zero Waste jute bag! 

A Little Context

Towards the end of 2021, Inn, an online grocer similar to ourselves had hit hard times.

They had built a sophisticated system to administer their returnable bags. And the bags themselves are quite lovely too. 

However, because they had their logo on them no one wanted them so, we've effectively saved them from landfill. 

We investigated rebranding them. However, it required so much plastic (vinyl) or paint (screen printing) that it wasn’t right.

Please Don't Forget

The bags are not airtight so you’ll need containers for items like nuts and dried fruit.

We sell glass separately but the most eco containers are the ones in your cupboard already!

And please, please send them back to us using the pre-paid returns label!