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Kilner Spaghetti Dispenser

Kilner Spaghetti Dispenser

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Kilner Glass Spaghetti Dispenser

A kitchen essential for all spaghetti lovers!

This Kilner® glass spaghetti dispenser will keep your pasta airtight and will also fan out the spaghetti when you pull the handle up. It is practical, convenient and looks great.

I love the distinctive, facetted design. It's reminiscent of a bygone era with the embossed logo to boot.

The jar capacity is 2.2 litres / 2200ml. It is 350mm tall and 130mm wide. 

Not suitable for use in the dishwasher. Hand wash only.


High-quality BPA-free sodalime glass jar, rubber seal, stainless steel dispenser and lid.



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