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Compostable Bin Liners

Compostable Bin Liners

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Compostable bin bags are a no-brainer for those looking to minimise their plastic footprint.

Not all compostable bin liners are created equal (if you know you know!) and in our opinion, these are the best one on the market right now.


Each pack contains x25 bin liners in the following dimensions:

  • 10 litre Bin liner for small bins or compost caddies. Size: 43cm x 47cm
  • 30 litre bin liners for use in standard kitchen bins (not compatible with Brabantia bins that are longer and thinner than conventional bins) Size: 56cm x 70cm
  • 50 litre bin liners for use in standard kitchen bins (compatible with Brabantia 40L Flatback Pedal Bin which is longer and thinner than conventional bins) Size: 60cm x 94cm

Manufactured in EU

These compostable binĀ linersĀ are made from plant-based bio-polymer Mater Biā„¢ļøĀ 

The linersĀ are manufactured in the EU from a factory that runsĀ on 100% renewable energy. They are packed and distributed from the UK


  • Certified compostable (EN13432 and TUV Compost Home)
  • Approved for local authority collection
  • Materials and energy used is 100% renewableĀ 
  • Breaks down into harmless organic waste
  • 93% of customers say our products work just as well as or even better than plastic alternatives
  • Toxin-free and not harmful to humans or ecosystems
  • Does not release microplastics into the environment
  • High quality and reinforced to prevent leakingĀ 
  • Packaging sustainably sourced and recyclable
  • Carbon footprint offset through a partnership with reforestation charityĀ On A Mission.


plant-based bio-polymer Mater Biā„¢ļø


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