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Vegetable Scrubbing Brush

Vegetable Scrubbing Brush

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Vegetable Scrubbing Brush

This brush is perfet for getting your veggies clean, without peeling off the nutrition found in the skin. This is especially important to avoid if you're buying organic!

The light bristles are made from Tampico, for cleaning sensitive vegetables. The darker side is made with hard natural union bristles, for cleaning insensitive vegetables.

Whilst this brush was designed for veggies, it holds its own as a general household scrubbing brush too

Made In Europe

The wood handle is made from FSC Certified sustainable beechwood.

This German-made vegetable brush is 14.5cm long, plastic-free and vegan.


Tampico bristles, natural union bristles and FSC Certified sustainable beechwood.


This brush comes naked!

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Vegetable Scrubbing Brush
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Vegetable Scrubbing Brush
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