British Falafel

British Falafel

I have no idea why fava beans not more popular today. These ancient beans are revered back in old times.

They are nutty and totally delish.

The air fryer is a game changer for this recipe. They are as delicious as shallow frying but without any of the faff.

These falafels are super easy to make. They take 30 mins from start to finish (excluding soak time) and serve six people.

These also freeze and reheat really nice  🤌⁠



Soak the beans for 24 hours in plenty of water. They will expand

Chop the herbs chilli and onion. Put into a process proctor with the beans, spices and salt. You may have to do this in batches

Roll in to ball and refrigerate for 30. Spray with oil and airy fry on the chip setting at 200c for 20 minutes.

I served these with poached eggs, burrata and spinach topped with our savoury walnut and spelt granola but a pitta with hummus/yoghurt is also highly recommended!

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