How To Use Shampoo Bars

How To Use Shampoo Bars

Mitchell Platt

The most common feedback we receive from new, natural shampoo bar users goes like this..

I just love the idea of using an all-natural shampoo, but my hair feels funny!

Although there are many who have no adjustment problems at all, “weird” or “gummy” feeling hair is not an uncommon issue, even after several weeks of use.

Your hair can feel coated, brittle, dry or oily. You may also experience a residue on your brush when combing.

The Adjustment Period

Adjustment periods can range from a few days to a few weeks. But most hair adjusts within the first week.

To help you to adjust as quickly as possibleI have created this cheat sheet. 

How To Use Shampoo Bars And Solid Conditioners

The most important piece of advice is to lather well!

The shampoo bars we feature are superfatted. This means they contain excess fats compared with its alkali content to nourish your hair.

If you do not lather up really well, you will have areas that remain coated with soap oils, which will leave hair "gummy" or coated.

The most common spot, especially for people with long hair, is at the nape of the neck. You need to work the shampoo into your hair with water and lather up so that the dirt and extra oils not needed by your hair can be washed away.

The weird hair feeling happens most often when the soap residue is not completely rinsed out.

More Tricks For Easy Adjustment to Solid Shampoo Bars And Conditioners

  1. Don't put the bar directly on your hair, foam up between your hands.
  2. Rinse for longer to ensure soap residue is completely removed
  3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to rinse after washing (not something I personally do but I hear it works wonders)

And finally, don't give up! Your hair will adjust (eventually) and in the long term, it will thank you. Trust me! 

Ready to give it a try? Explore our range of shampoo bars here.

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