Speciality Coffee

Speciality Coffee

Speciality Coffee has taken the market by storm in the last ten years. And it's easy to understand why, even in the face of convenient competition like Nespresso, as it's totally delicious!

We're switching supplier and because lots of you buy our coffee and changes are coming, I wanted to share some details as to why...

What Is Speciality Coffee?

Speciality coffee is graded 80 points or higher, on a 100 point scale, by a licensed Specialty Coffee Association Q Grader.

The crop is typically gown at high altitude, in well managed soil before being grown and picked at the optimum time.

To achieve this, the coffee is grown on small holdings by passionate farmers who are compensated with a premium price.

New Speciality Coffees Beans

After much searching (and drinking!) I am delighted to introduce three new speciality coffees to ZBWF

  • Full bodied crowd pleaser from Brazil, Deterra
  • Citrusy, creamy tastebud tantaliser from Ethiopia, Mirado
  • Dark chocolate and caramel decaf from Columbia, La Plata

Whilst I strongly recommend grinding beans fresh at home, we can do it. Just let me know how you want them (or your process e.g French press) in the comments box in your basket.

Why Is Speciality Coffee Not Organic?

It is widely accepted that speciality coffee is grown without pesticides or fertilisers. The smallholders just don’t have the means to prove it.

I searched far and wide for organic certified speciality coffee, and the only roaster to sell in bulk has recently dropped their certification. 

Initially I was disappointed about this but I now believe it's a blessing. It means we can now choose from a much broader range of suppliers. Our three new coffees have such interesting flavour profiles!

Circular Coffee Suppler

All our coffee is now roasted by our neighbours and supplied in tubs that are washed and reused. The same as our granola, pasta and cleaning products...

Viva la revolución


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