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Eco Sponge With Scourer - Compostable

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What a lot of people don't know, is that their trusty washing-up sponge is made from 100% plastic.

These eco sponges with a loofah scourer are 100% plastic-free and work just as well (if not better) for cleaning your dishes and wiping up spills.

Seep is one of my favourite new British brands. They are a pending B-Corp that offset the carbon emissions of this product 3.5x with the charity, On A Mission


Each Sponge is 7cm x 11cm x 2cm

End of Life

Cut up the sponge (this speeds up composting) and place in your home compost. If you don't compost, you can pop them in your usual household waste and be safe in the knowledge you haven't generated plastic waste by switching to Seep


    Cellulose wood pulp and loofah fibre


    The single sponge come naked. The four packs come in sustainably sourced and recyclable cardboard printed using natural dyes.

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