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Savon de Marseille

Marseille Soap

Marseille Soap

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Marseille Soap

The ever-versatile Marseilles soap bar is made from organic olive oil, coconut oil, water and sea salt. It does not contain any palm oil.

Please note the soap bar can turn white when dry. This is just the salt content, it will turn green again when wet or will stay green if used each day. To maximise life, let it dry between uses. 

Below are some of the ways this incredible soap can be used...

Marseille Soap Cleans Dishes, Floors & Surfaces

Mix soap shavings with hot water to make an effective, eco-cleaning solution.

You can also rub a wet brush/scourer directly onto your Marseille Soap bar during washing up.

Marseille Soap Laundry

Create your own laundry detergent using 60g grated Marseille Soap, 2L water, 15g baking soda (as water softener) and 15ml white wine vinegar (as fabric softener).

Melt the Marseille soap shavings in boiling water. Allow to cool before mixing in the baking soda and vinegar. Use as normal laundry detergent.

Not only can you use Marseille Soap for everyday laundry, it's known for its effectiveness at washing wool and leather, too. 

Marseille soap is also very effective at removing the smell of chlorine. Simply soak your costume overnight in a bucket of soap shavings mixed with hot water and rinse. 

Marseille Soap Stain Removal

The soap can be used to remove stains from all types of material. For clothes, rub the soap directly onto the stain before washing. 

It can also be used on carpets and sofas, after patch testing, of course! 

Marseille Soap Toilet Cleaner 

Melt soap in boiling water. Pour the liquid into your loo and brush as usual. The liquid will foam, leaving a clean bowl.

Marseille Soap Body Wash

As the eco soap is full of natural vegetable oils, it's really kind on skin. It's known for being especially good for those with eczema or sensitive skin.

As well as nourishing your skin, the Marseille soap’s oils are great for your hair, too. To apply, simply use the soap as you would a normal shampoo bar.

Marseille Soap Pet Cleaner

Gently rub the wet soap bar directly onto fur and thoroughly rinse to ensure no residue is left. Your pet's coat will be left sparkling clean and shiny.

Marseille Soap Iron Cleaner

Wipe a small bit of the eco-friendly soap onto the iron plate whilst still warm and then iron over a clean sheet. This will clear the iron of gunk from melted fibres.

Marseille Soap Sterling Silver Cleaner

Soak the jewellery in a mix of soap shavings with hot water for around 10-15 minutes. Once soaked, you can rub the jewellery clean and rinse off under the tap. Trust me, you won’t believe the difference it makes.

Marseille Soap Shaving

Lather up and you're all set for an eco-friendly shave.

Marseille Soap Insecticide

And last, but not least, Marseille Soap can also protect you (and house plants!) from insects. Mix 150g grated Marseille soap with 1L boiling Water and 1 tbsp Olive oil. Once dissolved, your solution is ready to spray!


Ingredients & Allergens

70% Organic Olive oil, 30% Coconut oil, Water, Sea salt (Mediterranean).

Approximate weight 300g.

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Due to the way our food is stored and packaged, this product may contain traces of other allergens due to cross-contamination.


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