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Libby Cup

Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

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Libby Menstrual Cups

Libby menstrual cups are a zero-waste alternative to disposable period products. They can also save you a small fortune too! 

The premium medical-grade silicon makes it easy and comfortable to use. Plus each cup comes with a canvas pouch for storage.

All Libby Cups are manufactured plastic-free in the UK. They come in three sizes:

Small Menstrual Cups

This cup holds 14 ml of blood - we challenge you to find a smaller cup! It is ideal for people with a very light flow and young people as a starter cup.

It is also suitable for those who experience trouble or anxiety around inserting products at this time of the month, or with a low cervix.

With its soft, smooth silicone, it is easy to insert and remove and sits comfortably inside the body.

Medium Menstrual Cups

With a capacity of 20 ml, this cup is the most popular. It is suitable for people with an average flow, or for the less heavy days towards the end of a cycle.

Not too big, not too small, this is the “Goldilocks” cup in the range and ideal to try if you are unsure which might be best suited to you.

Large Menstrual Cups

With a capacity of 29 ml, this cup is ideal for those with a heavier flow who need to empty their cups frequently at the peak of their cycle (every hour or two).

The silicone is really soft but with a good structure so it won’t fold in on itself. We have had good feedback from both people who have had vaginal births and those who haven’t.

Keeping Your Menstrual Cup Clean

Some people choose to wash their cup with clean tap water each time they empty it; others prefer to sterilise between uses.

To sterilise your Libby Cup, place the cup into a pan of boiling water and simmer for three minutes. Keep the cup fully submerged to prevent it from being damaged. If boiling water is unavailable, use a sterilisation tablet, the same as you would for a baby’s bottle.

After emptying the Libby Cup, wash the cup with warm water, making sure that you rinse the suction holes so that they are clear. Submerging the cup in cold water before re-inserting it can help to avoid stains appearing on the cup.

Sterilise The First Time You Use

Libby has consciously chosen not to wrap the cup in plastic so we recommend sterilising it before the first use.


Medical-grade silicone


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